* Lending Programs: All types of loan.
* Loan Size: $500,000.00 – $50M +
* Interest Rate: 4%.
* Term: Short & Long-Term program tailored to fit different loan scenario (6 months – 15 years).
* Repayment Type: Interest Only.
* Loan-to-Value/Loan-to-Cost: Up to 70% of Stabilized Value
* Origination/Exit Fee: 1-4%
* Security: First Mortgage Lien or Deed of Trust.
* Assignment of Payment Protection Insurance Policy / Loan Protection as Collateral.
* Recourse: Recourse and Non-Recourse are available.
* Collateral: Collateral and Non-Collateral. All Commercial RE Property Types, including Specialty Uses and Land.
* Down Payment: Borrowers are subjected to make a down payment at closing (refundable).

Loan approval is subject to verification of all information you provide and
satisfaction of various conditions including, but not limited to the

Scanned copy of any Government Issued Identification (front & back).
Scanned copy of a recent utility bill carrying your residential address.
Fully executed purchase agreement (if applicable)
Property appraisal (If applicable)

Past 24 months of residence with complete address
Length of Time at each residence
Name and address of landlord (if renting)
Employment History (if applicable)

Employer’s names and address for last 2 years
Current Pay Stub
Dates of Employment
Two Years of W-2s (most recent)
If applying as an Entity, provide Articles of organization.