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Who We Are

Finance Associates, LLC is a leading source of financing for acquisition and renovation loans. We are able to understand and provide creative financing options for investment real estate transactions. Our process enables us to quickly and easily fund loans while still offering superior customer service.

Finance Associates brings together an experienced and diverse group of talented and dedicated professionals with a specialty in real estate investment. As a result, our borrowers rely on the skills, experience, and knowledge of a management team that truly understands all facets of real estate lending.



Our refinance program allows you to improve your current rate and term or cash-out the equity of your investment property to use towards the purchase, remodel or other business expenses of another investment property. Our refinance program is a quick solution to get much needed cash in just 7-10 business days!

Commercial Loan

Commercial program for all of your commercial needs, whether it’s for some quick cash or if your looking for strong market rates! Our program goes Nationwide and is really flexible….. We underwrite both private and/or traditional programs. We have Stated Fixed Rates with 30 year amortizations, No Taxes, No W-2 and No 4506T.

Residential Fix & Flip

Ideal for a real estate investor who wants to buy an under market valued property, fix it up and then resell. We finance the purchase of a new property plus give 100% of the rehab funds! In just 7-10 business days, we can close a loan on the purchase of a new property and then finance all of the rehab expenses.

Buy & Hold

Rental properties are a great source of steady income. If you’ve found a property in need of rehab before it can be leased, this loan program is a great option. Borrow between $50,000 up to over $2.5 million across 18 months for your fix and lease project.


Use our Multi-Family program for all of you apartment needs, whether it’s for some quick cash or your looking for strong market rates! We lend Nationwide for 5+ units and underwrite everything from private money to your standard multi-family traditional programs.

Traditional Bridge

Traditional lenders are limited to providing capital under a strict set of conditions. Because of our equity-based financing, 24 homes is not bound by those restrictions and can provide bridge loans backed by equity in a property to meet any number of requirements.